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Web Advisor UK is a FREE service that helps UK businesses decide how best to make use of the web.

By spending a few minutes of your time answering a few questions about your business on our online form you give our Small Business Web Advisor the information he needs to compile a report tailored to your specific business. This FREE report includes:
  • guidelines as to how you should best make use of the web
  • an indication of how much you might expect to pay for any recommended services
  • guidelines as to what the web can do that you do not need to invest in at the present time
  • justifications for the recommendations made in the report
  • an indication of how your business might be affected by recommendations

    We provide you with advice relevant to your particular market and business situation, free of charge, and you decide whether or not to act on it. All that we do ask in return is that once you have reviewed your report you let us know whether it has been useful or not and whether or not its recommendations were accurate and complete - this enables us to improve the service we provide to subsequent small UK businesses. Also, if you think that we have provided a valuable service then kindly let others know about us too so that they might similarly benefit. Linking to our home page would be a nice gesture.

    Again, the service is free and even if you did actually want to spend any money on this site you can't so settle down and take full advantage of the 'free lunch'!

  • The Status Quo...

    The web offers a wide range of different opportunities and possibilities to UK businesses. Using the web some UK businesses have been able to dramatically increase the size of their markets, by advertising and selling their products in the global market place, and other UK businesses have found the web to be an invaluable source of information.

    Whatever business you are in and whatever your size it is unlikely that there is not some benefit you can gain from the web. The problem is how to make the most cost-effective and appropriate use of the web... and this is where Web Advisor UK comes into its own.

    UK businesses, in particular small businesses, are becoming increasingly aware of the need to use the web in some form or other but because, in the vast majority of cases, there is no-one within the business that has sufficient knowledge of the web there is considerable uncertainty about how to move forwards with this new technology. Many businesses in the initial dash for web sites invested too much too soon and are now feeling the consequences of their knee jerk reactions and ill-informed decisions.

    Conversely, other businesses have lost significant market share and have failed to fully capitalise on new market opportunities because they have failed to invest in technologies or they have invested insufficiently and even then their investments have lacked strategy and focus.

    The Problem...

    The crux of the problem is that 97% of good business people are experts in their own lines of business but they are not web experts. This lack of knowledge tends to result in one of two possible outcomes:

    (1) Either money is thrown at some form of ill-conceived web project with the 'hope' that some of it will stick and prove to be a sound investment in the longer term. This mode of behaviour is borne of someone aware that something needs to be done with the web but is unsure what exactly. Their actions are triggered by a fear of being left behind or missing out on some golden opportunity that simply "can't fail".

    (2) Investment is not made for fear of making a poor decision and wasting finances and as a result significant ground is lost to the competition and potential new markets fail to be realised and exploited.

    And The Solution...

    Web Advisor UK will ask you some questions about your business and the markets you operate in and we will provide you with a feedback report that:
  • is tailored to your business' specific situation
  • gives you clear guidelines as to how you should best make use of the web
  • gives an indication of how much you might expect to pay for any recommended services
  • gives you clear guidelines as to what the web can do that you do not need to invest in at the present time (this will reduce the likelihood of your being had by 'over-efficient' web sales people)
  • justifies the recommendations made in the report
  • gives an indication of how your business might be affected by following the stated recommendations
  • has been written by a knowledgeable and qualified business consultant (i.e. it has not been compiled on the fly by a piece of software)
  • does not cost you a bean (although... if you find the report useful and feel very strongly about wanting to make a contribution to help fund our work, we make most gracious donation recipients, so please email us if you're feeling a tad altruistic: greatfull@webadvisoruk.com, we may even put a link to your web site from here...)

    Likewise, if you think that even at a cost of nothing the service we provide is overpriced then please let us know, and why you think so, so we can improve our offering, seriously.

    So, from where you're sat now, the only thing you have to lose by filling the following form in is about 5 minutes of your time (we don't even give you're email address to anyone!)

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